Where to find electronic music this weekend 9.10.11 October

These are difficult times for electronic music but there are some cities where music continues to play, if you don’t have plans for this weekend, here you can find some options.

We start in Barcelona, ​​where this Friday, October 9, you can have a good time on a terrace listening to Manuel Del Giudice, Sunset by Pulse returns to Touché Beach Garden,  another good option is Switch Bar by Coco The Coconut & Adrian Marth . But without a doubt the one that we like the most is the one headed by Paula Cazenave, a free outdoor cultural event with @asphixiagroup and @praxisbcn at Les Corts (Barcelona) in which there will be different activities: talk, painting, dance and electronic music. Now we go to the south, where Lorena LLanes and Carlos Agraz will be playing in Torrevieja at Marina Niki Beach Club.

But without a doubt, if there is a city that never fail, it is the capital of techno, Berlin bets this weekend with several events with a lot of musical quality, this Friday you can listen to Recondite in Silent Green Kulturquartier or Speedy J in Else, we continue on Saturday with Anja Schneider at  Ritter Butzke to culminate on Sunday with Echoes of October, and Jamaica Suk at Suicide Club,  with the great Freddy K and DVS1 at  Else or with Hyperaktivist and Lady Machine also at Suicide Club.

Now, we move to Switzerland where the guys from SYNOID  Acierate, Tham and Parallx are going to play at Exil, or where you can find Obscure Shape and SHDW at  Amboss Rampe.

We continue in Poland, this Friday Warsaw welcomes Dax J at Smolna and Krakow welcomes Lorenzo Raganzini and Pøli with his HEX label in Nowa Rezydencja.

In Sofia, Bulgaria you can listen to DVS1 on Kopitoto Skyloft

We finish with Turkey, in Istanbul will be playing kobosil at Volkswagen Arena..

If you are anywhere in the world and you can’t find a party, contact us and we will find it for you.

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Respect the security measures, wash your hands whenever is possible and have fun!

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