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If you are a Techno lover, I am sure you have heard about Possesion parties. If not, here is a brief introduction… They are parties that are characterized by their freedom, without gender barriers, and without stigmas, their followers are special because of how they express themselves, enjoy the parties and the music. DJ’s such as, Slhømo, Hadone, VTSS, Hector Oaks, Antigone, Randomer, Trim, 999999999, SPFDJ, Anetha, Parfait, Dax J etc, are usually on their line ups.

A few weeks ago 20 tracks were published with the collaboration of various artists

Below is the list and the links where you can listen to and buy the tracks:

🎧 EP1
A1 l Héctor Oaks AKA DJKAOS11 – No darkest night will shut our light
A2 l Nene H – No Pause For Reflection
B1 l 999999999 – P05535510N
B2 l Pawlowski – Demonic Dimensions

🎧 EP2
A1 l Shlømo – Dodge This
A2 l Varya Karpova – Simple Motion
B1 l Manni Dee & Myler – Sabotage & Purify
B2 l Trym – Pandora

🎧 EP3
A1 l Regal – Looking 4 Balance
A2 l DYEN – Phenomenon
B1 l Anetha – Gedo Senki
B2 l JKS – Wanna Be With You

🎧 EP4
A1 l I Hate Models feat. Louisahhh – Obsessed by Power
A2 l Wallis – The Age of Foolishness
B1 l Hadone & Inhalt der Nacht – You Want Some More
B2 l Airod – Don’t Think about it

🎧 EP5
A1 l Antigone – The Wind of God
A2 l ØTTA – Silence is Oppression
B1 l Rikhter – RDS-6
B2 l Mayeul – Xtatics Minds

We really like them, feel free to leave us a comment saying which are your favourite.

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus, they have been forced to postpone the events they had planned, including the Boiler Room on November 21, the new date is on 08/28/2021, you can also follow them to be updated on

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