The artist of the week: Mistress Barbara

We are back again with the artist of the week, today we wanted to dedicate our blog to Mistress Barbara, she is an old school dj and producer that we love!

She was born 1975 in Sicily (Italy) but at the age of 8 she moved to Montreal (Canada)

She had a passion for music since she was a kid, at the age of 12 she started to play the drums in various groups going into different styles such as rock and punk.

But It was in 1994 when her taste for music changed and she began to opt for techno music, it was in 1996 when she got her first performance  and since  this day she has been playing her music around the world.

She has shared dj booth with great artists such as Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Sven Väth, etc.

She has also performed in very important clubs worldwide such as Tunnel in New York, Sona in Montreal, Aloca in Sao Paulo, Velvet Underground (London), Motor (Detroit), around Europe…

She has played in numerous festivals, we all remember with a smile her incredible sets at Monegros Dessert Festival!

She also have made fantastic tracks and she has her own label: Relentless. As a producer, Misstress Barbara is often approached to make music for television advertisement, video games and movies. 

We want to say big thanks to her for making us enjoy a lot with her music during all this years and we hope to dance with her on the dance floor soon!

Here you can listen a few sets:

and bellow you have a few tracks that she has made:

You can follow her to be updated on her Facebook profile:

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Thank you very much for reading us.

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