The artist of the week: Manuel Revuelta, a multifaceted dj who plays various electronic styles

I had the opportunity to meet Manuel for the first time at a party that a good friend and I organized at the legendary Sala Wow in Granada, Spain. The main artist of the party was David Mallada and we decided to take local DJs from Andalusia aside and he was one of them, he did a versus with another friend on 4-deck vinyl, a set without a doubt to remember. Since that day, we became friends and started sharing music.

He started in contact with electronic music 17 years ago, playing breakbeat with broken rhythms, which is what was popular in Andalusia, he continued with drum & bass and although he liked many electronic styles it was not until 2005 when he discovered techno music. What has always surprised me about him is that he is a versatile artist, with a huge musical culture, he enjoys playing various styles of electronic music such as techno, hardgrove, hardtechno, schranz, progressive house, remember, trance, pystrance, tech-trance, although his favorites are techno and trance.

Manuel has also been a promoter along with other friends of a festival in Montellano (Seville) called Blue Sound festival where have been playing fabulous DJs as Giacomo Stallone, Save the rave, Rasco, Aldo Ferrari, which had 7 editions.

Here you have a few nice sets:


Progessive house- trance




Tech- Trance

Break Beat

Techno house


We hope you enjoy!

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