Electronic & techno events and parties this weekend 08.09.10 January

We return one more week to inform about the events & parties of techno and electronic music that are around the world.

Spain, we found events in Madrid

Moscow, Russia

Sydney, Australia

Shangai, China

Tokyo, Japan

Lisboa, Portugal



These are the most relevant events and parties that are planned for this weekend, if there is any cancellation we will keep you informed on our Facebook page, we have contacts in various countries of the world and we know of private parties that they will not let us publish but you can contact and we will gladly inform you, remind all attendees to comply with the health recommendations, social distance and hand washing, dance a lot and have fun!

If you make a video of this weekend in some of the clubs you attend, you can send it to us through our social networks, remind you that we are also dedicated to publicizing djs and producers in our artist of the week article, If you want us to talk about a specific one, you can pass us the information, good music deserves to be shared.

If there is any other event that we have not put, you can send it to us through our social networks:

    You can also write to our email

Thank you very much to everyone for reading us every week 🖤

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