The artist of the week: Juls Roka

This story begins with the publication of a song on the Facebook group Techno Puritano, a track by Marco Nastic called Her name was Rio, Slovenian hardgroove from the first decade of the 2000s, a style that has been a bit forgotten but that defines well that music that made us dance so much on the dance floors, Julen commented on the post, since this track has been one of his great musical references, from then on, we started talking and I had the opportunity to listen to his music. His way of mix and fuse music dazzled me. Without a doubt another artist to talk about.

Juls Roka, formerly known as Roone, is a Dj born in Navarra in 1995. He has always been passionate about all kind of “hard” music, from punk to the heavy. It was at the age of 13 that he discovered Felix Krocher’s Schranz, which make him go deep inside this style.

At the age of 15, he began to play music, buying two Akiyama DJ 2000 turntables and with some trance vinyls, he learned until he turned into digital, he started playing techno house music,  according to the scene in his area,  playing a few sets in a club called Botanic and in other bars in the southern area of ​​Navarra.

After three years of good and bad experiences, he decided to get away from the booths performing sets exclusively at popular festivals in his town and during this time looking for a sound that would really motivate him.

Very influenced by the tribal tech that the Djs from an old nearby disco mixed with Trance, he was discovering a subgenre that although it was old, was still very lively, artists such as Hertz, Player, Cave, Mirzinho & Miche, Carl Falk and Of course, Mr. Ben Sims‘ hardgroove editions, among others, can be classified as his references.

Mixes full of that old tribal tech with the freshest and most current techno and tech house, combined with pure hardgroove, create sets focused on making us enjoy and dance on the dance floor.

Here you can listen to a few nice sets:

He is currently immersed in the world of music production, here you can listen to some of his tracks:

You can follow him to be updated on his Facebook page:

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Thank you very much for reading us.

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