The artist of the week: Borvac

If the lockdown of last year brought me something good, it was the opportunity to enjoy good streams and meet new DJs. Such is the case of Borja V Charlin (Borvac), who is born in Galicia and settled in Germany. His dark and forceful techno sessions made me forget the situation at hand and made me enjoy myself as if I were in a club.

Currently, I have had the opportunity to interview him, and I share with all of you some of the questions that I had the pleasure of asking him.

What are your origins in electronic music?

It can be said that there is a mix of everything in my influences. The first contact I had with electronic music was quite early, I was 9 or 10 years old and I remember listening to a  Scorpia CD, in my parents’ bar (makina music). I didn’t have a computer or internet at that time and I was still a child so I couldn’t find out much about it either. But as I got older, and taking into account that my friends were much older than me and most of them listened to electronics, I came into contact with the hardtechno. But somehow it didn’t fill me at all, I needed something different. Little by little I have been evolving until I discovered techno and I said to myself: I really like this. I could say that one of the tracks that introduced me to techno would be Work by James Ruskin, which I was very excited to acquire physically about two years ago when my finances allowed me to get hold of two turntables decks
In summary, my career as a listener began with makina music, going through hardtechno, then house, until it ended in what defines me today as techno.

Which are your reference djs?
The aforementioned James Ruskin, and also many others such as Cristian Varela, Freddy K, Ben Sims, Surgeon, Truncate, Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin …

Which style or styles defines your sound?
With techno, especially 90s techno and modern techno that retains that old school touch. I like tracks that don’t evolve much, quite repetitive. From my point of view, it is the dj who has to create that evolution or transition between the songs.

Which is your favorite track?
I have a lot actually, but if I had to pick one I’d say Reeko’s Crop Circle

Which producers influence you?
There are a huge number of producers that make my ears happy. Today I could highlight artists that I follow very closely and who are bringing new generations with great force such as Not a Headliner, Alarico, Atonism, Arkan, Yant, Kaiser, Troy, Yant, Kwartz, Marcal,
And from the classics, I would highlight James Ruskin, Groof, Bando, The Advent, Bandulu, Steve Rachmad, Brother’s Yard, Umek, Damon Wild, Mhonolink, Robert Hood, Lars Klein, Marco Carola, Frank Biazzi, Akira Ishihara …

What is your favorite club and why?
My favorite club and surely the one of the great majority is Berghain (Berlin). It is a necromantic and seductive place. What is lived in there is not lived in any other place in the world. You feel free, nobody looks at you strangely because of the outfit you are wearing or because of the way you act; there is a sincere union between people for culture, where no one is superior to anyone; There are no problems in there, only happiness and ecstasy. It’s magic. I have spent 30 or so hours without leaving there and the return to reality hurts a lot.
Being able to play there would be a dream for me.

What has been the event where you have most enjoyed DJing?
It is not that I have a long journey, but I would not know whether to say the first Blöck event (Madrid) in which I played or in The Jungle Dance Floor (León). In both places I have felt at home thanks to the welcome and gratitude of the people.

What are your projects?
I have been involved in several projects, I am currently focused on the Communion Circuit podcast channel and soon I will present together with my good friend Slin a new project called Samba Massacre, where we perform face to face using 2 mixers and 4 turntables decks, taking creativity to a level beyond.

Here you can listen to a compilation of some of his best sets:

Thanks Borja, we hope to listen to you soon on the dance floor!

One of the missions of this blog is to give vision to known and unknown artists, if you have in mind a DJ or producer that you think is worth listening to, you can send us an email to or write to our profiles from Facebook and Instagram.



Good music deserves to be shared!

Thank you very much for reading us, next week more!


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