The artist of the week: Olmo Aguilar aka Pezutek

Olmo Aguilar, better known as Pezutek, was born in Arcos de la Frontera, Cádiz. He defines himself as a mixture of musical styles that have marked the different facets of him as an artist.

From a young age, he inherited the musical tendencies of his family and began to learn music by playing various instruments such as the guitar, the piano, and the clarinet. When he moved to live in Granada, he completely immersed himself in the electronic music scene, the Club atmosphere, and freeparties, becoming a regular party Dj for the well-known promoter Drum & Bass Antistatik.

Like Pezutek, he started his career in 2013 in a self-taught way, and little by little he learned and acquired production and mixing equipment. Once settled in the underground musical environment, he got his first bowling at the well-known Quilombo club in Granada, of which he would later be a resident until its closing, becoming the founder of the Revolution Club Hall, which brought his career to a halt. due to Covid.

By then Pezutek is already an international artist, having performed in countries such as Portugal or Slovakia and with a good number of releases on both national and international labels.

Several years later, he is part of the NightCode project, promoter of D&B parties, in places like La Sala El Tren, in Granada, paused by the current pandemic but which continues to work very well as a record label under its slogans «D&B Resurrection» and «Hardcore D&B From The Graveyard «.

The second most promising facet of him is Rogue Mode in which he explores the crudest sounds of Industrial Techno, reflected in his single Black Nails.

It was in the presentation of this topic where he did this interview and that now I share with all of you:

What are your origins in electronic music?

From a very young age, one of my aunts played me The Prodigy on cassettes and after hearing tracks like Mr. Oizo’s Flat Beat in the Levi’s advertisement, the New Order track in the Blade movie or Rob Dougan in The Matrix I fell in love of electronic sounds, strong percussion, and dark environments.

Which are your reference DJs?
Very difficult question. Within Drum & Bass I would probably say Katharsys, The Sect or Limewax, and within Industrial Techno almost certainly Ghost In the Machine.

Which style or styles defines your sound?
If I had to define my musical passions it would be difficult because they range from country music, blues and jazz that I frequently practice as a guitarist, hip-hop especially the American of the 90s, orchestral music, metal and punk that have marked my philosophy of life and of course electronics from Drum & Bass, Hardcore, Breaks and Techno.

Which is your favorite track?
It is impossible for me to choose one direction, but among all of them I could scrutinize two or three like the RM Bleeps by Raiden and Current Value, the Retrofit by Cooh, and in techno the Combo Breaker by Ghost in the machine, the Copper by Ansome or the 96.1 Hz from Exium.
Which producers influence you?
I could say that they are almost the same as the DJs, perhaps I would of course add Noisia for their impeccable sound in DnB and in techno to Ansome and Scalameriya, more as producers than as DJs.

What is your favorite club and why?
Although I cannot say that I have been to some mythical clubs such as Berghain or Tresor, I can say without fear that Sala el Tren is my favorite club, since many factors come together, it is the room that has seen me grow, it is where I discovered a lot of artists and styles, and they are also my friends.

What has been the event where you have most enjoyed DJing?
Well, maybe in my first international gig at Barco Gandufe in Portugal, and last New Year’s Eve at Sala Tren.

What are your projects?
I am currently working on upcoming releases and collaborating with other well-known artists from the Andalusian scene of which we still cannot reveal anything.
I work as a Beatmaker and Hip-Hop Dj at ENDemia Beats where I produce and record artists. Another of my facets is that of an orchestral composer directly like Olmo Aguilar, having composed the Soundtracks of the odd short film released internationally.
On the other hand, I run several projects: Pezutek, Rogue Mode, ENDemia Beats and Artifact Creature and the record company and promoter NightCode, of which we have already spoken previously.

Thank you very much Olmo, we hope to dance with you on the dance floor soon!

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Good music deserves to be shared!

Thank you very much for reading us, next week more!


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