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I can’t remember the past without a smile on my face, those years when friends and music were the most important. Hard techno and Schranz dominated the clubs and the prevailing format was vinyl. In Almería, I had the opportunity to see Chris Cell, a body and soul defender of this musical style, to whom I was able to ask some questions, which I share with all of you today:

What are your origins in electronic music?

The truth is that I have always been surrounded by music since I was kid, my parents had a disco, and that was where I had my first contact with electronics since my father had all the vinyl and cassette tapes of the Bakalao route, (Chimo Bayo, Pastis, etc.) along with the American music of Detroit. One of my first gifts, when I was 4 and 5 years old, was a midi keyboard and the following year, a drum kit, which I loved.

Later I grew up and started to party, thanks to my friends I got to know  Industrial Copera, Granada that’s where I said: «I want to be that man who is moving to everyone «I couldn’t stop looking at him … his name was Frank Kvitta and thanks to him, today, here I am answering your questions.

What are your reference DJs?

Well, as I said before, Frank Kvitta for me is one of my references, but also throughout my years in electronic music, I have been able to meet, share lineups, see and listen to many greats such as Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Arkus P, Miss Djax, Mental Crush, Pet Duo, OBI, Malke, Svetec, Ben Sim, David Moleon, Cristian Varela, Fatima Hajji, Duart, Raffaele Attanasio, Boris S, Psychodrums, Seon, Doctor Peacock, Horacio Cruz, Tekerkane, Alan Fitzpatrick, Chris Chambers, etc. For me, these are my references, although there is many more that right now, I don’t remember.

What style or styles define your sound?

Clearly with  SCHRANZ / HARDTECHNO, but if I have to choose one it would be Schranz.
But I do not close since I also love Techno, Hardgroove, Drum and Bass and Hardcore

What is your favorite track?

Svetec – Paper, and Pen (Original Mix) and Frank Kvitta- Conga (ft Sailor)

Who are your reference producers?

Mental Crush, Mortal Sins, Xavier, Bentech, Chris Chambers, Boiling Energy, Wildpitcher, Nobody, Mox, Withecker, Boris.S, Sepromatiq, Gockel among others.

With which national and international artists have you shared a lineup?

I have shared a line up with a lot of artists such as Pet Duo, Cristian Varela, Pepo, Fatima hajji, Duart, Fernanda Martins, Paula Cazenave, Greg Notill, Eric Sneo, Slugos, Monster Mush, Dub Elements, Boriqua Tribez, David Moleon, Goncalo M, Horacio Cruz, Malke …

What is your favorite club?

I would say that the old  Industrial Copera (Granada), but I also love Florida 135 (Huesca) and its famous “Apokaliptika” parties. Although, I have to mention Tresor (Berlin) for its sound equipment and for its history and Berghain (Berlin) for its opening hours from Friday to Monday and for its line up that can play up to 4 hours per Dj.

What has been the event where you have most enjoyed DJing?

I remember perfectly that day, it was a Monster Halloween in Sala Wow (Granada), that day the public was so devoted to my set that I will never forget it.
Also where I enjoy the most is in a  good rave such as Anti Dreambeach, Dragon, etc.

In which format do you play?

I like to vary my skills and try new machines as to no get become stuck, and keep diversifying. Electronic music, every day surprises us with the way it grows and advances in electronic technology, but I also defend and use vinyl a lot, I think, everyone should start by DJing in this format, which is how you really learn… and leave the use of the «sync» after you had already learned with decks. It is bad that many clubs do not have the cabinets for the decks prepared since I have been to places where the needles jump dance, and makes it near impossible to create a coherent mix.

What are your projects?

The covid has affected us all in this sector until they assure us that everything returns to normal, I cannot talk about those projects … Soon, I will return with live video sets from Facebook. This year I am immersed in music production and I hope to be able to share it with you soon.

Big thanks to Techno around the world for the interview and the support received!!! Thanks!!!

Here you can listen to a nice few sets:


Thanks Chris, we hope to listen to you soon on the dance floor!

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Good music deserves to be shared!

Thank you very much for reading us, next week more!


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