The artist of the week: SH4RIN

In the middle of the pandemic, I had the opportunity to meet new artists, one of them was with the Matriz collective, SH4RIN was on the decks, who delighted us with a very personal and attractive techno session on vinyl that disconnected me from reality, for a couple of hours.

Today, I have the opportunity to share his story and his music with you, I hope you enjoy it as I did when life took us away from our daily preferences.

What are your origins in electronic music?
I was always curious about electronic music and mixing, at a very early age I began to play with my father’s vinyls trying to mix and play with the equipment, disassembling two walkmans to mix two tapes, until in adolescence I went to my first party Techno and I found the real sound that I like. I spent hours behind the booths watching the DJs and the music playing.

What are your reference DJs?
My first reference DJs were Oscar Mulero, Christian Wunch, Reeko, and Jeff Mills, but currently, there are many quality DJs such as Claudio PRC, Takaaki Itoh, or Function among others.

With what style or styles do you define your sound?
I like to play with the electronic variants, if I had to define my style it would be a dark, deep Techno with atmospheric textures and atmospheres.

What is your favorite track?
I could not tell you my favorite subject, but if I have to tell you one it would be: House – Jeff Mills.

Who are your reference producers?

I have many artists that I like and inspire me, such as Luigi Tozzi, Blazej Malinowski, Svreca, Orbe, Michal Wolski, Primas Code, Forest On Stasys, and Sciahri among many others. Nowadays I also attach importance to listening to new Spanish producers such as Notzing and Oxygeno. I quite like the sounds and textures they produce. And young producers such as Not a Headliner, Rodiaz, and Dj Handikap, their songs full of grooves are very aggressive, they remind me of the Techno Old School that I listened to in my early days.

With which artists have you shared lineup?
I can feel proud to have shared the booth with great artists such as Tensal, Steve Parker, and Jose Poug among others, and with national artists such as Hector Mad, Kuroi, David Mallada and with artists not so well known but who come with great strength and great passion for the art of mixing such as Borvac, Marcos F, XnX, Noloc, Jala, F-on, Dzeko, Milo and Vrika and some more that I forget.

What is your favorite club?
I like many clubs, the first club I stepped on was La Real in Oviedo and I was quite shocked by that place, it left me a shame that it has been closed for a long time, nowadays, I like many, but if I have to tell you one it would be About Blank in Berlin, each Every time I visit that club it is a real journey in all aspects.

What has been the event where you have most enjoyed DJing?
I especially enjoy DJing with my colleagues in a project that we have in hand called BlÖck, but I really enjoy in each event connecting with people is a very rewarding feeling.

In what format do you play?
On Vinyl, I like the connection with music that is achieved by clicking in this format. I recommend everyone to try mixing two vinyls in their life.

What are your projects?
I am currently in two projects BlÖck and Onyro. I really like being able to participate in them and be part of the team. With the current situation that we have from Covid-19, it is difficult to schedule things and events. Currently, BlÖck we have it stopped until the world returns to normal and we enjoy the night again, so currently I lend all my effort to Onyro, it is a party with a quite peculiar atmosphere with atmospheric touches and hypnotic sequences that make you relax and enjoy At the moment, I recommend everyone to try the experience since the remodeled Specka is also held in a mythical club in Madrid.

Here are some of his sets:



Techno around the world team want to say you big thanks for sharing this interview with us! We hope to dance with you soon on the dance floor!

One of the missions of this blog is to give vision to known and unknown artists, if you have in mind a DJ or producer that you think is worth listening to, you can send us an email to or write to our profiles from Facebook and Instagram.




Good music deserves to be shared!

Thank you very much for reading us, next week more!


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