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Utopian is the name under which Isidro Bolívar hides. Born in the south of Spain, Isidro has always been in love with introspective music, whether on the track or listening. When he plays, he always tries to have the premise of hypnotizing whatever it may be, sometimes he can cross more tribal and minimalist moors, or sometimes he can opt for something deeper or melodic, it depends on where his intuition takes him.

What are your origins in electronic music?

As a good Andalusian I began to discover electronics with the break beat, and with the groups of the moment that in their day were Prodigy, Orbital or Underworld. Over time, other sounds and other approaches came to my attention when making a set, but there are two significant dates that made change my style, one was Creamfields 2007 in Villaricos, Almería and another was an anniversary in which the Industrial Copera brought James Holden, back in 2008, those two dates upset my mind and body.

What are your reference djs?

I have many, but if I have to choose one today, I’ll stay with my friend F-on, I think there is no one in the world who does what he does, it is the dj-journey par excellence.
Andrew Weatherall was also very important in his day, and also Molina, Mills and Svreca have always influenced me a lot. The Italian movement that ranges from like Donate Dozzy, Marco Shuttle or Neel to very top people like Jacopo, Nuel or one that I discovered recently, Dixie. To put more current names I really like Dj Nobu, bambounou, Forest Drive West or Laura BCR.

With what style or styles defines your sound?

Hypnotic, tribal, atmospheric, minimalist techno and all the layers that usually accompany it. I am also in love with ambient and all its aspects.

What is your favorite track?
I choose 5 at least, because if it is not screwed … I have not thought about it much lol

Alan backdrop – Medel
Voices from the lake – Circe + S. T
Teste – The wipe
Plastikman – Consumed
Brian Eno – Stars

What producers influence you?

Marco Shuttle, Donato Dozzy, Forest drive West, Wata Igarashi, Patrick Russell, Daniel Avery, Rrose, Ruhig, Konduku, Lucy … And I could go on forever

With which artists have you shared line up?

Svreca, Martyn, DJ Assault, DJ normal 4, Samuel Kerridge, F-on, Ario, Vrika, Parallax, TR, Dj gray fox, Pako Vega, Víctor Santana, A guy from vicalvaro among others
But above all all my people and colleagues who are too many to name, they … the best.

What is your favorite club?

Leaving Tresor aside, who is the best I’ve been to, the club of my life will always be Siroco, in Madrid.

What has been the event where you have most enjoyed DJing?

Because of the special of the session and the recognition of the public on the day he performs for «Calma» in Madrid.

What are your current/future projects?

I am fully involved in the production, I have never been attracted to it until now, also because I did not have the right equipment. There is still time to see results, but I am excited.
Apart from that, I have a project in mind, its name is «weightless space», and I already did a pilot a few months ago, I want to continue it and do it periodically since that one was quite decent. It consists of broadcasting an audiovisual experience, it would be two sessions of live introspective music, with visuals, no matter the style, it can be ambient, techno, or even something outside of electronics, but it must be something focused on listening. The idea is that I do one of the two sessions and invite a local artist from Granada or the surrounding area, I have many friends who cannot or do not have the opportunity to express themselves in that way around here, so I think it is necessary to do that. type of initiatives, to show that other types of events are also possible, and above all from home lol.

Here you can listen to a few sets:


Campfire (silent season) 



Thank so much Utopian!

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