Review: Learning Algorithms – New Release – Injected Poison Records by O X EE N N aka Jose Pouj

Today we bring you a preview of an EP by OX EE NN, the new project by Jose Pouj, that goes on sale at the end of this month. Via Audiovisual Art and Electronic music, IDM, Downtempo and Experimental, Jose has created an alter ego to bring his creativity out of the ordinary. ‘Learning Algorithms’ shows his most creative and expressive side, an EP aimed at taking the listener on a sonic journey.

Title: Learning Algorithms EP Artist: O X EE N N

Label: Injected Poison Records

Mix & Mastering: Koschitzky-Mastering Studio Visual Art: Peltre DG

Artwork: O X EE N N Format: Digital

Release Date: 28th of June

O X EE N N aka Jose Pouj:

He says, “After 12 years doing Techno, I felt the need to do something new and different, I needed to express deep feelings that I have been through and I could not do it through Techno and the dance floor.” O X EE N N was born 2 years ago with the purpose of doing Techno under anonymity. He was not totally convinced at first and but after a while, the sound developed experimentally. “I quickly felt that I could express what I was feeling, and I decided that O X EE N N was a perfect fit. I do not rule out being able to do Techno as O X EE N N, it will depend on the acceptance of the project, but the main idea is to focus the project on a more expressive, artistic and audiovisual part.»

«Dedicated to my children, my girlfriend, my grandfather in heaven, my parents, my family, friends and all the people who have supported me in difficult times.»


We hope you enjoy the musical travel as we did, thanks to Jose Pouj & Poison Records to share it wih us!

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