The artist of the week: UBRTK

A music fan from a very young age, Ubertek opted for electronics at the end of the 90s, when The Prodigy’s album «The fat of the land» came to his hands, being a before and after in his way of appreciating music.

In the year 2000 he bought the first Technics from him and although he learned to DJ with a friend’s Techno records, his first vinyl was Breaks & Drum and bass music.

In 2002 is when he begins to enter the world of production, they are years of learning in search of the right sound, but he never edited anything until 2007, the year in which he started producing House and Techno. He begins to collaborate in the organization of events and at the beginning of the LocaFm Sevilla station, it is when he takes the first reference from him and does it under the name of Dj.Cast for the Californian label Dynamic Music. There were several references published in the following years, working with labels such as Insolito Records or LAD.

In 2011 he changed his name, changing his name to Ubertek, leaving aside House and basically focusing on Techno, publishing on labels such as Advise, Kontrol, Induxtriall, Soundness Music, Resorted or The End Recordings.

He was also part of the promoter Grado Techno and the Soundness Music label, projects of short duration, but which served him as an apprenticeship and which helped him to gain a foothold in the industry.

In 2016 and after a break of a few years, he returned to the scene with his project Konnex Techno, a collective / promoter with which he carried out several events, with artists such as Exium, Kwartz, C-System, Flug, Inigo Kennedy or Kike Pravda among others. He organizes the Techno Meeting Sevilla festival, in addition to being one of the founding partners of Prisma.

In 2020, taking advantage of the pandemic, he returns to release music, this time as UBRTK with a notable difference with respect to previous productions (hence the change of «aka»), publishing on labels such as Morforecs, Vector Functions or Rhod Records.

What are your origins in electronic music?
I had already heard kid stuff, but it wasn’t until 99-2000 that I started flirting with the world of DJs and electronic parties, so much so that at the beginning of 2001 I asked for a loan and got some brand-new Technics, although I already had months buying records.

What are your favorite djs?
There are many and of various styles, although each session is different and I don’t always like them the same, but the sessions that I have enjoyed the most in terms of Techno and the ways of telling their film are those of Ángel Molina, Oscar Mulero and Bernardo Hangar.

With what style or styles define your sound?
I like to define myself as an electronic music DJ focused on Techno, but I like to move around different styles depending on the time or place.

What is your favorite track?
I have many, but I think the most used in my sessions may be the «Chained to the death camel» by Clouds.

Who are your reference producers?
It depends on the style, I love what producers like ASC, Planetary Assault System, PVS or Fixeer do.

With which artists have you shared line up?
Well, to name a few … With people like Kwartz, Tensal, Flug, Inigo Kennedy, Scalameriya, Headless Horseman, David Meiser, Kike Pravda or VSK among many others.

What is your favorite club?
Without a doubt, Prisma, in addition to its sound, because it is truly a unique and pioneering club in what we know as «working for the love of art»

What has been the event where you have most enjoyed DJing?
In the pre-party of the first Dreambeach Festival, before more than 5000 people, the time that I have had the most audience in front of me.

What are your projects?
Currently I continue producing, although at a slower rate than I would like, last year there were 3 releases and for this one I have things pending to come out.
We also have the creation of Konnex Records underway, which with this pandemic was a bit on standby.
And, in addition, we continue working so that as soon as they leave us, Prisma can give back to events.

Next, we share some of his sets, the first two more powerful, perfect for breaking the dance floor and the last two a more atmospheric and environmental vibe that makes you travel in a more introspective way.



Thank you very much UBRTK for sharing this interview with us, we hope to hear from you soon, if possible in Prisma.

One of the missions of this blog is to give vision to known and unknown artists, if you have in mind a DJ or producer that you think is worth listening to, you can send us an email to or write to our profiles from Facebook and Instagram.




Good music deserves to be shared!

Thank you very much for reading us, next week more!


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