The artist of the week: Shaolin Dubz

Although as you know our blog is more focused on techno, we love good music and we are open to other styles within electronic music.

Today we would like to introduce you to Shaolin:

Based in Malaga, Shaolin Dubz has gradually consolidated his place in the national bass/sound system scene.

Specialized in mixing 3 CDs for ragga jungle and strictly vinyl for mixing dub.

His sets focus on forceful rhythms with thick bass lines and mixes carefully studied after a detailed selection. All with a common denominator: the permanent search for the double drop and an exquisite equalization.

Shaolin Dubz sets are always charged 100% with positive energy and powerful vibration, always focused on reggae and its electronic evolutions.

What are your origins in electronic music?

After all my childhood and adolescence listening to more conventional styles, although also quite underground such as hip-hop or alternative rock, it was in 2011, only 10 years ago, when I started going out to raves in Malaga and that was my first contact with drum & bass. The truth is that it caught me quite a bit ‘grown up’, at 19-20 years old.

From then on I became more and more interested in 175bpm, and one thing began to lead to another to the point of being a complete bass music freak.

In summary: from different subgenres of drum & bass (especially dubwise or ragga-DNB, which was the first thing that hooked me) I went to reggae, dub and jungle, styles that I cover at this point in my career. Lately I have also been seduced by deep dubstep and halftime, sounds more sober and for more adult ears that I am increasingly able to appreciate more lucidly.

What are your reference djs?

This is a question that you will ask me in a few years and it will be a completely different answer, but right now I would say Bladerunner, Coco Bryce, Von D and Bukkha.

With what style or styles define your sound?

Easy, reggae and jungle, since I enjoy mixing electronics with ragga overtones such as vocals or skanks. Under my humble sound perception, this mix has the precise doses of energy, fantasy and at the same time positive vibes … things that should not be missing on a dance floor.

What is your favorite track?

This answer also changes frequently, but I would tell you that Righteous Man de Danman , a release that was rebuked very recently by Indica Dubs with a dubplate mix that has me crazy, has been sounding loud in my head for a few years now and is not usually missing. in my 140 sessions. It’s a very hype song that also has a message and a groove that I can’t even explain to you. Addictive.

Who are your reference producers?

Right now Brian Brainstorm, Tobby Ross and Charlie B are «very strong» in jungle matters; And in terms of soundsystem music, they are putting out spectacular releases Hypho, Baodub, 11th Hour and Mystical HiFi.

With which artists have you shared line up?

So far, I have had the privilege of sharing the booth with artists such as Aphrodite, Vandal, Serial Killaz, Benny Page, General Levy, DLR, Levela, Monty, Enei, Document One, DJ Hybrid and a long etcetera, to mention a few. many.

Quite simply, dreams come true for a fan of broken beats like me.

What is your favorite club?

Sala El tren in Granada, where I feel like at home, I have lost the count of how many times I «destroyed» the dance floor there, but each time I go I still feel the same illusion as the first day, and I consider the staff of that space as a family

What has been the event where you have most enjoyed DJing?

What I am going to say, I already mentioned in a previous interview, but so far my experience has not changed… It has been very important events, such as festivals or places with great renown that have made me grow as a dj and they have increased my popularity, but without a doubt where I have always had the best time is in the free-party. There is a puncture that I will never forget: Halloween 2016 at Las Termas de Santa Fe Granada at the Belloto Sound System rave, I fully connected with the public, I did not want that set go to the end … how much enjoyment!

I was also involved in the Granada Dub Factory project, people I consider as family too and in that moments with your people is when you have the best times, feeling the same energy with DJs, technicians and audience.

What are your current projects?

My project is summarized to increase the dimension of the music that I enjoy in the community of which I am a part. Now I have returned to Malaga, and together with my friend Lil Selectah, also a resident here, we will try to do the same with jungle music as soon as the situation leaves us with our humble promoter project Jungle Rhythm & Culture. I would also like in the future to give some room to real dubstep with my man Berman, but it will be seen with ease.

And of course, continue in the trend in which I have been for 7 years: to have the privilege and the pleasure of making my way of expressing bass music known in all the places where I am valued as an artist.

Without further ado, thank you very much for the interview, it has been a pleasure. Here you always have me for what you need! Big up Techno around the world !!






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Good music deserves to be shared!

Thank you very much for reading us, next week more!


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