The artist of the week: Sandro M.

This week we move to Portugal, where Sandro M. began his career at the age of 16. Owner of the Rhythm Records label, this Dj and producer has made a name for himself on the national and international scene. He leaves no one indifferent with his mixing skills and exquisite taste in music with sets loaded with energy and personality.

Today, I share with all of you the questions that I have had the pleasure of asking him:

What are your origins in electronic music?

My passion for electronic music started when I was a kid, as I was always influenced by my father who always listened to Techno.

When I was about 14, 15 years old, I went to my first parties and with that, the desire to make my own sets and seeing the audience dancing started, imagining myself playing. At the age of 16, I began studying mixing and shortly afterwards also music production.

Which are your reference djs?

The reference dj’s when I started my career were Du’art and Fatima Hajji, now that I have some new projects that I will launch soon, I have been very referenced by artists such as Boris Brejcha, Wade, Lexlay, Dj Fronter among others.

Which style or styles defines your sound?

Initially, it was Hard Techno that got me moving up in my career, but without a doubt my musical style is Techno Hardgroove.

What is your favorite track?

It’s a difficult question, but I have one that stands out the most, Sandro M. & Pritech – Flauzer.

Which producers influence you?

Jeff Robens, Guille Placencia, George Privatti, Dj Fronter, D-Unity among others.

Which artists have you shared lineup with?

With many great artists, but some of them were, Du’art, Fatima Hajji, Fernanda Martins, Jesus del Campo, Dj Lukas, OBI, PetDuo, Gonçalo M, Candy Cox, Kanache, Alex TB, Buchecha, Seon, Greg Notill…

What is your favorite club?

Hard Club Porto in Portugal.

What has been the event where you have most enjoyed DJing?

It’s a very difficult question, but one of the events I liked the most was right at the beginning of my career with Mixtape Productions at the Sandro M. Birthday event.

What are your projects?

I have a new project that I have been preparing for both music production and mixing, which is a new style for me, but I cannot reveal it for now. I’m also focused on raising my label, Rhythm Records, which has been growing a lot lately.

Here you can listen to a few of his tracks and sets:

Facebook –
Instagram –

Youtube –
Beatport –
Soundcloud –

Facebook –
Instagram –
Beatport –

Thanks Sandro for sharing with us a bit of your story within electronic music, we hope to dance with you soon on the dance floor!

One of the missions of this blog is to give vision to known and unknown artists, if you have in mind a DJ or producer that you think is worth listening to, you can send us an email to or write to our profiles from Facebook and Instagram.




Good music deserves to be shared!

Thank you very much for reading us, next week more!


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