Guest artist: C.O.A.V.

Today we want to introduce you to an artist who has captivated us, the Extremaduran DJ and sound technician C.O.A.V.

We have had the opportunity to interview him, and we want to share his career and his music with all of you.

What are your origins in electronic music?

Electronic music has been present in my life for a very early age, I was 11 years old when «Cherry Coke» (that cherry-flavored Coca-Cola) burst onto TV with a very powerful ad, within the slogan «Do something different», along with his mythical song «Don’t play the Indian, play the Cherokee». That was my first touch with electronic music.
Also, In 1995, when the famous Ruta del Bakalao» began to decline, is when I started to get interested in that music, buying all kinds of cassettes related to the Valencian scene. Another moment that is crucial for me is one year later, in 1996, while on vacation with my parents in Huelva, I saw for the first time the video clip of «Firestater» by Prodigy, which I really liked. By that time I left aside a bit «the bakalao», and I was more into punk, listening to different bands of the 90s, and I was so impressed with the combination of sound from electronic and punk…I also started to hear this broken rhythm for the first time. Techno would come to me in the year 2000, thanks to Sonia Briz’s radio 3 program “Zona 3” that was broadcast every Friday night and I stayed recording it until early hours in the morning. I met a new sound, totally different from everything I had previously heard so far, so visceral and since this time, techno would remain part of my life forever.

What are your reference DJs and producers?

The truth is that I have too many, I’m not going to lie… but if we stick strictly to what is purely technical when it comes to producing and DJing, I would say Oscar Mulero (who for me is the father of techno), Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, the Asturian duo Exium, and also Reeko, Helena Hauff…but also I want to mention a few that are not international DJs that but I have been lucky enough to surround myself and learn a lot from them, I feel deeply fortunate to have them as close friends as well as artists, and I owe them a lot, some of them are Rubén Gil (Startech records), Sergio García (Trømmel), Wisna (Planet Rhythm, etc), Teto (Elektrodelia sound system), Vergara (Elektrodelia sound system), Berman and Bassflex(Bellota Dubs), Mery Saphire (Kripton Industries), Litmen (Kripton Industries), Professor Gutierrez (Loud), Mustio (Loud) among others.

With what style or styles define your sound?

My range is quite wide because I consider myself an inveterate music lover, but from techno, through hard techno, industrial or acid, and reaching Drum&Bass or Crossbreed.

What is your favorite track?

There are so many and not just one…but if I have to give you a couple of them, then one anthem would Murderous (Phill Kieran’s remix), and another would be the legendary -One Night in Hackney- by Dinamo City.

With which artists have you shared line up?

Oscar Mulero, Ben Sims, Cristian Varela, Dave the Drummer, Technasia, Reeko, Exium, Dj Pepo, Christian Wunsch, Radial, Bas Mooy, Dj Preach, The Advent, Dosem, Marc Marzenit, Viper XXL, Dj Lukas, Du ́Art, Strez, Erre, Future Signal, Suburbass, Micropoint, Bong-Ra, Limewax, Trasher among others.

What is your favorite club?

If I have to choose one, I think I’d go with the Warehouse on Elementenstraat in Amsterdam., where I really enjoyed a DJ and as a public.

What has been the event where you have most enjoyed DJing?

There are too many, but I have a nice memory when I played in Extremadura after Oscar Mulero who for me he is unique, I consider him the god of Techno in terms of technique and mixing, you may like his music more or less, but he is the number one worldwide in his sound (Dark Techno, Pole Group sound), and I had the responsibility of putting on music after my idol, on vinyl, I remember the people vibe, this moment will stay with me forever. Also, I had great support from my friends who traveled from many points of the Spanish geography. I fondly remember that night, it was very special.

In which format do you play?

Well, I usually play music both digitally and analogically, that is, both with vinyl (which I started playing since 2004), also with timecode, (from 2009) and with digital players (from 2020).

What are your current projects?

Without a doubt, making my own music is what I have pending to do to feel complete. I don’t want to be famous or live from the music, I’ve always moved more in the underground, and for me, it’s a philosophy of life. I have always said that I don’t want my hobby, what I like the most, to become my job and an obligation. I already know that many who will be reading this, if not the majority, would think the opposite, they would say «what the hell, if I can work doing what I like to do the most, and live well from it, that would be amazing!» And it is very respectable. But, I feel electronic and music in general in my case, that if it became a routine or obligation, I would end up losing that beautiful essence. And I only have the world of production as a personal challenge.

Thank you very much C.O.A.V. for sharing a little about you and your music with us, it has been a pleasure, see you soon on the dance floor!

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Good music deserves to be shared!

Thank you very much for reading us.


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