The artist of the week: Ceron

I had the opportunity to meet this Dj through the GRX Techno Facebook group, which he manages, I was struck by the wonderful tracks he shared, and I realized that he had a peculiar and exquisite taste when it came to music. I began to investigate and discovered that, behind him, there were more thanSigue leyendo “The artist of the week: Ceron”

El artista de la semana: Ceron

Tuve la oportunidad de conocer a este dj a través del grupo de Facebook GRX Techno, el cual gestiona, me llamaba la atención los maravillosos tracks que compartía, y me di cuenta de que tenía un gusto peculiar y exquisito en cuanto a música se refiere. Me puse a indagar y descubrí que, tras él,Sigue leyendo “El artista de la semana: Ceron”