The artist of the week

Utopian is the name under which Isidro Bolívar hides. Born in the south of Spain, Isidro has always been in love with introspective music, whether on the track or listening. When he plays, he always tries to have the premise of hypnotizing whatever it may be, sometimes he can cross more tribal and minimalist moors,Sigue leyendo «The artist of the week»

The artist of the week: Zreik

Yibran Barakat, born in Granada and raised in Buenos Aires, also known as Zreik began his career in music production 15 years ago, influenced by artists such as James Ruskin, Tadeo, Jonas Koop, Audio Injeccion, Joey Beltram, among others. In 2012 he formed the duet Daying & Barakat, a musical production project influenced by theSigue leyendo «The artist of the week: Zreik»

The artist of the week: Le Coné

I had the opportunity to meet Luis Guevara known artistically as Le Coné, in Bristol, England, at St Pauls Carnival, a multicultural event held every year, which also hosts electronic music. An anecdote from that day is that we discovered that we were from the same city and that we had quite a few friendsSigue leyendo «The artist of the week: Le Coné»

El artista de la semana: Le Coné

Tuve la oportunidad de conocer a Luis Guevara conocido artísticamente como Le Coné, en Bristol, Inglaterra, en St Pauls Carnival, un evento multicultural que se celebra cada año, el cual también acoge la música electrónica. Una anécdota de ese día es que descubrimos que éramos de la misma ciudad, y que teníamos bastantes amigos enSigue leyendo «El artista de la semana: Le Coné»

El artista de la semana: Ceron

Tuve la oportunidad de conocer a este dj a través del grupo de Facebook GRX Techno, el cual gestiona, me llamaba la atención los maravillosos tracks que compartía, y me di cuenta de que tenía un gusto peculiar y exquisito en cuanto a música se refiere. Me puse a indagar y descubrí que, tras él,Sigue leyendo «El artista de la semana: Ceron»