The artist of the week: Toni Méndez

This Dj from Alicante begins at a very young age to feel something special about music, becoming one of his passions. He started out listening to all kinds of styles of electronic music, visiting different clubs to listen to his favorite DJs. In 2010, at the age of 21, he decided to start his career as a DJ and applying to his sessions what he learned from his favorite DJs such as Peke (Revival), Cristián Varela, and Jeff Mills.

He is very selective when it comes to mixing styles and choosing music, making a serious and forceful session.

He got his first residency in 2012 in an Elche venue called RKM where he was learning to handle himself in the booth offering his best mixes and vibes to the public until the spring of 2013.

In 2014 he participated in a Dj contest in the mythical club of Murcia La Calle Bar along with other performances in Picaro in (Elche) and Camelot in (Santa Pola), he had his second residence in Almoradi at Buda Club where he began in summer until January from 2015 where he made a break for health and personal circumstances.

In June 2018 he returned to play music, coming back to the techno scene. In 2019 he played again in different clubs such as Savage (Alicante), Twenty (Novelda), The Moon Clubber (Alicante) at the legendary Metro Dance Club (Bigastro) on its anniversary and ended the year with his reappearance at Picaro ( Elche). The following year in 2020 he had his first performance away from home at  Zeppelin Club in Castellon.

He has been playing with great colleagues such as Gala Gutiérrez, Jhon Revert, Pablo Rata, Luciana Drigani, Na-zel, Juan Camar…

He is currently immersed in learning music production.

Here you can listen to a few nice sets:

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