The artist of the week: Gønzalo

Gønzalo is a DJ & producer from Argentina who loves music in every way. In turn, he nurtures his passion with content and practice, he is also part of VTC Records.

What are your origins in electronic music?

My beginnings with electronic music were around my childhood. I loved listening to CDs. As I grew old, my love for music also did it with me.

My best decision was to dedicate myself to learn music and perfecting myself in that area.

What are your reference DJs?

Robert Hood, Rodhad

With what style or styles define your sound?

I think my style consists of expressing different sensations, making good melodic, harmonic and rhythmic driving, also generating different textures.

I really like tribal percussions with good harmonic layers.

I edited my music in Illegal Alien Records, Fanzine Records, Al3 Movement, VTC, Concepto Hipnótico, Vincent Records. It received good reviews from Vril, Konstantin, Milton Bradley, Fjaak, Jon Hester, Ricardo Garduno, and Monix. Among others.

What is your favorite track?

I don’t have any favorite track.

I am always listening to new things. The tracks that I like are continuously changing. But if I have to choose a classic will be «Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp»

Who are your reference producers?

My reference producers are:

David August, Recondite, Ocoeur, Donato Dozzy, and Ame & Dixon.

They are what I listen the most.

With which artists have you shared line up?

I shared line up with these artists:

Alex.Do, Vril, FJAAK, Milton Bradley, Pacou, Pfirter, Jon Hester, Abstract Division, Ness, Ricardo Garduno, and Monix, among others.

What is your favorite club?

My favorite clubs in Buenos Aires are Under Club and Crobar.

What has been the event where you have most enjoyed DJing?

I couldn’t choose only one, but there are three best moments of playing music.

The first was a gig organized by the Under club group, at the epic and mythic club «Cocoliche» with Funktion-One sound system and the latest technology. It was a special night for me.

The second one was in Crobar, where I share a gig with FJAAK.

The last one was the night that we play together with Alex.Do in an underground hostel in Argentina. We played for more than 12 hours at the party. Nonstop.

In which format do you play?

Actually, on cdj, I am preparing my live set and vinyl set. I hope to present all my new stuff soon.

Which other styles of music do you listen to?

I often listen to Ambient music, salsa, or music from Cuba, and r

What are your current projects?

I’m searching for new ways to innovate.

I’m finishing my career of Bachelor of Music and Technology, at the National University of Quilmes. On the other hand, I’m compositing music for interactive places in 3d and virtual reality.

I am also developing 3D / 2D / Vr video games for different businesses, and it’s my passion everything related to technology.

Here you can listen to some of his tracks and sets:

Vct Records:

Placeres ciegos

Sueños de terciopelo:


Joaquin Ruiz & Friends EP8 w/ Gønzalo


You can connect with the artist in his social networks:





Thank so much Gønzalo for be part of the Techno arond the world crew, we really hope to listen to you in live soon!

One of the missions of this blog is to give vision to known and unknown artists, if you have in mind a DJ or producer that you think is worth listening to, you can send us an email to or write to our profiles from Facebook and Instagram.




Good music deserves to be shared!

Thank you very much for reading us, next week more!


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