The artist of the week: Mario Picosso

Mario Picosso is a young artist born in Malaga, Spain, with enormous progression and talent, who currently lives between Amsterdam and Barcelona, ​​where he has become part of the techno scene with a defined and characteristic sound. In 2015 his passion for mixing music began, since then he has performed sets and organized events inSigue leyendo “The artist of the week: Mario Picosso”

The artist of the week: a nice story: P.I.N.O Lopez aka DrunkMan aka MariskalAcid

This story begins thanks to my housemate, who has a huge musical culture and always shows me good music. One afternoon, I asked him if he knew a good techno DJ, and we spent the whole day listening to tracks and sessions of the artist that concerns us today, his musical style dazzled me andSigue leyendo “The artist of the week: a nice story: P.I.N.O Lopez aka DrunkMan aka MariskalAcid”

The artist of the week: Random Stuff

Two years ago, mid-September and after hearing the news of the formation of Matriz, a new collective in Granada, attracted by the quality of the line up of one of their events, I went to one of the legendary clubs of Granada, Sala El Tren, to listen to the headliner, Freddy K; But what wasSigue leyendo “The artist of the week: Random Stuff”

The artist of the week: Borvac

If the lockdown of last year brought me something good, it was the opportunity to enjoy good streams and meet new DJs. Such is the case of Borja V Charlin (Borvac), who is born in Galicia and settled in Germany. His dark and forceful techno sessions made me forget the situation at hand and madeSigue leyendo “The artist of the week: Borvac”

The artist of the week: Ceron

I had the opportunity to meet this Dj through the GRX Techno Facebook group, which he manages, I was struck by the wonderful tracks he shared, and I realized that he had a peculiar and exquisite taste when it came to music. I began to investigate and discovered that, behind him, there were more thanSigue leyendo “The artist of the week: Ceron”